The Most Innovative and Rewarding Estate Project #MIREP

Definition of lambatoken
Co-founder Lambabros, Founder GeoDynamics, Founder Lambabros
  1. First, you will buy lambatokens with the available stable currencies (BUSD or USDT)
  2. We will lock the tokens you purchased to fund your house development. After completion of your house, we collect the exact value (in USD) of the house from the locked tokens while you keep the potential token balance as a result of the growth in value of the locked tokens over time.
  3. We start developing your property or house in the estate
  4. We will buy back some lambatokens from the market with our gain immediately.
  5. We take our 25% service fee and tax from the potential token balance as a result of the growth in value of the locked tokens.
  6. You get your house and potential profit (secondary value) for purchasing with lambatoken in #MIREP.
  7. All utility payments in the estate will be done with lambatokens from anywhere in the world in an easy and seamless way via the Lambatoken App.
  8. Sales or renting of these developed properties will be done in lambatokens, all in the Lambatoken App.
  1. You have nothing to lose because in any situation you will get the house you funded or bought. Instead, you open up an opportunity to make secondary value/profit on your purchase.
  2. With our Lambatoken App, It automatically becomes a smart estate where your bills can be paid from anywhere in the world with just a few clicks of a button.
  3. You buy a house and still have access to the secondary value.
  4. Lambatoken has other major use cases in major markets that will continue to drive demand and add significant value to the digital asset.
  5. Lambatokens is a limited digital asset and will not be minted after its first minting on the blockchain, so expect value on a scarce commodity.
  6. We will offer you a digital land registry powered by the blockchain to help property buyers and financial companies to access, verify and value properties effortlessly. This offer will be coming with the following: Data security, easy transfer, fraud prevention, quick property and land title verification, and wealth creation through increased access to credit facilities globally because blockchain brings/gives global market access.
  7. You can put up your developed property for sale and you get paid in lambatokens anywhere in the world seamlessly, all in the Lambatoken App.
  8. You can put up your property for rent and receive your rent anywhere in the world seamlessly, all in the Lambatoken App.
  9. Full management of your property from one point.

About lambatoken

Lambatoken first set of solutions will be on real estate, interactive eSports, lifestyle, and entertainment. We offer tokenization of real estate projects thereby proffering affordable housing solutions to our holders, we have created a decentralized marketplace & powering new digital economies on the blockchain.



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Lambatoken is a digital asset built on blockchain technology to facilitate and govern transactions in the Lambabros ecosystems and for new economies.