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12 Reasons to Buy Lambatoken Now!

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The importance of home-ownership to long-term financial health cannot be understated. The Most Innovative and Rewarding Estate Project #MIREP was initiated out of the need to create new industries and build value on our digital asset “lambatoken” then translate that value to home ownership giving all income earners the opportunity to own luxurious but affordable homes in the long run.

12 Reasons to Buy Lambatoken (LBT) Today!

  1. Private sale is still at $0.15 per token while Pre-sale is already scheduled for $0.25 with the public launch pad in this 2nd quarter of 2022, so anyone buying now is on profit.
  2. Our first short-term price target is $10 — $100 per LBT.
  3. 70% of liquidity raised after Pre-sales are locked for 3years.
  4. We have built primary value on the Lambatoken App (Our decentralized marketplace, HOL Staking, and Real estate NFT marketplace) for lambatoken where holders don’t need to sell their tokens before earning. You can earn passively (even while sleeping) by participating in the earning activities in the Lambatoken App.
  5. We started by creating solutions in booming markets such as eSports (taking over conventional sports gradually, with market size of more than $1billion), Real estate (with a current housing deficit of 268 million housing units affecting 1.26 billion people), and Decentralized marketplace in-App (Our App will be the first to accept both products and services aside money as a payment medium to place a promotional campaign, giving brands publicity as well as leads to their business in a more convenient way for them). The first App with a discount/giveaway store. Then, our eSports arena NFT marketplace.
  6. Lambatoken has utilities running before secondary trading. Not based on speculation or hype.
  7. Lambatoken is the world’s first token designed to build and run new economies (an example of a new economy is the sharing economy that brought in on-demand services such as Uber, Bolt, Air BnB, etc) so value never ends with just a 26.9million tokens that will ever be in circulation and still open for further burning and reduction.
  8. A significant amount of buyback of circulating supply will happen for MIREP.
  9. With our upcoming affordable housing units, you can switch your lambatokens for homes or apartment studios depending on the value of your asset.
  10. Lambatoken is a super hybrid asset-backed by a global movement. It is beyond a project, it is a movement to build unending value chains globally.
  11. The remaining tokens for sale during these private sales are few, less than 7.5% of the 6,750,000 reserved tokens for private sales are available for sale.

Our building projects under our real estate solutions are tokenized allowing long-term mortgage policies and flexible payments, About 80% of our holdings are invested in real estate (Physical Asset) which is one of the key infrastructures needed for the establishment and growth of new ecosystems with our digital asset (Lambatokens) acting as a medium to exchange value.

How to buy Lambatoken

  • Get the App by searching on the google play store or clicking here.
  • Register an account
  • Login account details you just created
  • Click on wallet
  • Click on Buy Tokens
  • You will be redirected to support
  • Read the pinned message and follow suit
  • After payment, your tokens will be assigned.

Now you are a holder of Lambatoken (LBT).

About lambatoken

Lambatoken first set of solutions will be on real estate, interactive eSports, lifestyle, and entertainment. We offer tokenization of real estate projects thereby proffering affordable housing solutions to our holders, we have created a decentralized marketplace & powering new digital economies on the blockchain.

LambaToken is a driver of new digital economies, creating ecosystems consisting of interconnected sets of platforms that explore new combinations of people, processes, and technology.

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Lambatoken is a digital asset built on blockchain technology to facilitate and govern transactions in the Lambabros ecosystems and for new economies.

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