Lambabros Journey so Far.

Our ecosystems are fuelled by lambatokens. We have achieved many milestones since our inception and we have a solid foundation to build upon. Our ecosystems are continuously evolving and so are we. Take a look at the roadmap for our first community project powered by lambatoken to find out more.

We are currently in the II Quarter 2022

The Lambatoken (HOL) App launch.

House of Lambabros; the entertainment arm of Lambabros: hosts eSports events, sets up our own eSports centers, content creation, media, and general gaming lifestyle promotions.

The Lambatoken HOL App is a unique app designed to call your wallet balance and give every activity in-app power based on the number of tokens you have in it.

Every activity (from the decentralized marketplace, HOL staking, providing reward pools for both private and public eSports tournaments, NFT Alert, etc.) in the App is integrated/connected to the wallet in the App. The Lambatoken Wallet is a digital wallet application that will support cryptocurrency protocols and standards.

A digital decentralized wallet is an application that is embedded in browsers and is used to conduct transactions with digital assets. All other regular wallets such as Metamask and Trust wallets will also be compatible because of their blockchain feature.

Our HOL cross-platform mobile App with Lambatoken (LBT) wallet is currently in beta and will be transitioned to a fully decentralized wallet by the last quarter of 2022. This transition will allow our users access to a wider range of cryptocurrencies as well as improve the onboarding of users and transactions across all HOL platforms.

HOL Staking: With HOL staking, you will never lose your tokens, instead, you will always get something for staking. It is a win-win passive income opportunity. And anyone can create a competitive pool to attract customers/clients/fans/viewers either online or physical game centers and tournaments. Furthermore, our system will also allow individuals to donate to a pool for a tournament or competition.

Lambatoken international public launch and Pre-sale

Pre-sale price: $0.25

Initial release = 5% of Total Supply: 2,250,000 LBT

Min/Max Buy = 0.05BNB (Minimum Buy) / 5BNB (Maximum Buy)

50 Years Reserve = 28% of Total Supply = 12,600,000 LBT

Livetime Reserve = 30% of Total Supply = 13,500,000 LBT

These 12,600,000 Lambatokens are dedicated to an affordable housing development for the next 50years. At the same time, 13,500,000 LBT will be used to power and run new economies using our decentralized finance (DeFi) smart protocol in a lifetime. This real estate is on the blockchain marketplace. After 50years, the 12,600,000 tokens will be burnt. Whatever we have built in the real estate ecosystem at that point will duplicate itself from the revenue generated adding continuous value to lambatoken.

eSports Arena House Studio Opening; We started the project tagged: Most Innovative and Rewarding Estate Project #MIREP in the year 2021, through the sales of lambatoken we were able to achieve our first arena house, hosted several tournaments including celebrity tournaments, our digital tokens minted on the blockchain, and our utility App.

About lambatoken

Lambatoken first set of solutions will be on real estate, interactive eSports, lifestyle, and entertainment. We offer tokenization of real estate projects thereby proffering affordable housing solutions to our holders, we have created a decentralized marketplace & powering new digital economies on the blockchain.

LambaToken is a driver of new digital economies, creating ecosystems consisting of interconnected platforms that explore new combinations of people, processes, and technology.

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Lambatoken is a digital asset built on blockchain technology to facilitate and govern transactions in the Lambabros ecosystems and for new economies.